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“Prince Harry Goes Streaking!”

“Prince Harry Goes Streaking!

By now, the whole world has seen the freckled derrière of Harry the heir and the majority are saying, “Who the hairy cares??!!” For the sake of finding a piece of journalist gold in a story that’s already been pilfered of its crown jewels, let’s take one more look at ‘Royal Nudism Gone Awry’.

In some ways, seeing the prince’s inches is shocking.  Firstly at the situation itself—in what seems like a scene straight out of  American Pie, this British remake is rife for fame.  Take a knicker-less prince, 20 pints of Guinness and a  billiard cue and what remains but, “Lights! Camera! Action!”

The bigger question is why didn’t Dirty Harry have someone watching his back to ensure the world cannot!  Where’s your Watson, Sherlock? All he needed was one mate on “cell phone duty” and those errant snaps of Vegas’s Bare-naked Billiard Ball would have never gone public.

In all honesty, the scandal of seeing Harry’s pale birthday suit pales in comparison to other princely fiascos.  And the winner of Princes Gone Wild is none other than an Arab – a Saudi prince on a tour of England.  Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud is the grandson of the King of Saudi Arabia and apparently is into some really kinky stuff.  His night of partying put him in jail… for life… for 1st degree  murder!  He had his Watson, and he beat him to death.

Every little girl dreams about what a prince and lover ought to beand it is nothing like these two. The brave knight is supposed to kiss the sleeping beauty, not teach her parlor tricks in the buff!  How can she be rescued from her tower when his Royal Why-ness is doing life for deadly sex games?

Maybe the Grimm Brothers got their fairy tale mixed up. Maybe the prince turns into a frog when kissed. Sigh.

Maidens of the world, your Prince Charming is out there. Just check these two off your list.

By Brett Weer

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“Highlights of 2012 (so far) I have been writing or Al Bawaba since Feb 1 so today marks half a year…”

“Highlights of 2012 (so far)

I have been wiritng for Al Bawaba since Feb 1 so today marks half a year of musings and bruisings. I’ve linked my top 16 favorites articles and then put a link to all my articles at the bottom:

  1. The Beauty of Ramadan to a Non Muslim
  2. Tourism and Kidnapping in Egypt 
  3. They Grow Em’ Big in Qatar!
  4. A Funny Look at the Saudis and Lady Clinton
  5. Hero Pilot in Syria Goes Rogue
  6. Leader of Yemen in a US Waiting Room
  7. Infected by the Arab Bug
  8. The Amazing Arab Mama
  9. Starving for Attention
  10. Sex in the Arab Cities
  11. Arab in All of Us
  12. Caught Off Guard by an Arab Stripper in Waiting
  13. The Women in Egypt Have Had Enough!
  14. The Demon Hunter Finds Emos Slain in Iraq
  15. Life and Death after Pope Shenouda: What Shakespere says
  16. How to Spot a Terrorist for Dummies

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them. Find everything (articles, videos, commercials) at

See below for other wirtings.

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